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Ilya A. Petrovich
Fanaticism but not laissez-faire...
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12th-Jun-2015 10:18 am - The power of acting on impulse
Let's sit down with improv actor, comedian and self-made entrepreneur Christine Hauer. After coming up with the idea to start her own company in an unlikely place, she immediately took the steps necessary to make it happen. We sat down with Christine to hear the inside scoop on how she makes decisions. Read her story and get inspired.

Comedian and entrepreneur Christine Hauer has advice we all can learn from.
Facing a challenging job market after graduating from college, Christine’s tenacity took her from jobless to founding her own company.  After getting a masters in International Business and moving to New York City, Christine finally landed a job through a great connection. Years later, Christine founded the consulting company Hifive specializing in empowering people with social and networking skills needed to make that type of connection.
Outside of her full time job, Christine is an improv actor, impulse artist and budding author, currently writing her first book. We sat down with Christine to learn about her entrepreneurial path, what a day in her life looks like, and how she has dealt with rapid company growth.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I love karaoke, live in Brooklyn by way of South Carolina, and get excited a lot. A few years ago I started a company called Hifive that coaches folks on networking and social skills. Alongside that, I’m Culture Champion at Praytell (happily named PR Week’s 2015 Boutique Agency of the Year) and produce and star in a play called Period in Period about the comical history of women’s periods.
Describe a typical day in your life.
Sleep until I absolutely have to get up then head into the Praytell office to maintain, advance and bear hug its quirky culture via office management, HR, internal communications, and a couple other lovely support buckets. After that, I head to acting class – I study at the Deena Levy Acting Studio – in the city where I blow the roof off my emotional-gusto thermometer via scene study, movement and thespian stuff. Later that night, possibly see a comedy show, music show, or head home and work on my Hifive book – the meeting people playbook. Then sleep again.
What was your experience like starting Hifive? Tell us about an unexpected challenge and how you overcame it.
Hifive was born in a bathroom. I was unhappy with my current job and mid-handwashing, my brain sprouted an idea centered on the name Hifive. I went straight back to the office, bought the domain name and wrote my letter of resignation. From there, Hifive morphed from a marketing, branding and social media agency into a networking and social skills consulting company.
The biggest and most unexpected challenge I experienced was, very surprisingly, right after an article was posted in Bloomberg Businessweek. This led to thousands of people reaching out and wanting to work with me. Great right? At that time, I had taken on a full-time job at Praytell, joined a new modeling agency and was not prepared for that amount of growth. That is still hard for me to type out loud because I’m the type of person that wants to say yes, more, big. Hifive was just 25-year-old me, sitting in WeWork figuring it all out as I went and this super duper press made me see what I still needed to learn. Take away? I knew I was on to something. I knew what my competitive advantage was. And I knew I needed to take a step back and craft it a little bit more so it could be as fabulous as I envisioned – without sacrificing the quality of my vision.
How do you find balance in your life and manage stress?
I do a lot of painting. I really enjoy abstract watercoloring and finger painting and messing around with different “impulse” focused artwork. I sit in my living room, tear out a piece of canvas paper, squeeze out some paint and then just go. I paint whatever I feel, with no picture in mind – it is totally impulse driven. Here’s an example of a recent piece. Get a cheap paint set and take an hour to paint out your feelings – it’s hyper gratifying.
What’s one piece of career advice?
Keep that side hustle up. We live in a world where it’s best to have 3 vs. 1 job. By that I mean – have your main squeeze, but keep up side projects so you’re fresh. I work at Praytell, but also maintain Hifive, study acting and produce on the side. Doing a mix of work and projects keeps me more creative and less bored.
Tell us about your experience with about.me.
I joined about.me back in 2013, right around the time I started Hifive. It’s such an awesome platform. I tell everyone I meet to make one since it’s a super easy place for your bio, social media links and websites to live. And it helps your personal SEO. I think it’s helpful for all types of people since it’s clean, de-cluttered space for people to be able to quickly get the gist of you. And, with all the noise out there, sometimes all you need is just one page, with one bio, telling you what one person does. So helpful.
Anna Lizaur is a Marketing Manager with about.me. She graduated from the University of Virginia. Anna is fluent in Spanish and can count to 100 in Chinese.

by Ilya. Citing source.
6th-Jun-2015 01:18 am - Brides Day in Kharkiv, Ukraine

The traditional Brides Day took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. You are about to see many pictures of this event right here.

The most beautiful Ukrainian girls live in Kharkov! Nowhere else in the whole Ukraine you will ever find such a beautiful collection of Ukrainian brides of all looks, ages and kinds.

Kharkov has always been the historical and geographical center of the region with the population of more than 4 million, concentrating the best people inside the city. They’ve been coming for work, living and studies. There are more than 25 Universities and colleges in the city and around it, which every year bring in the new wonderful girls from all over Ukraine, Russia and other FSU countries.

Kharkov is the scientific and educational center. Many young people stay here after the studies, they don’t want to return to the smaller cities and towns. Therefore there are always lots of beautiful Ukrainian girls here.

And these women want to find their happiness, want to build the families. There are not enough men for them and they come to UFMA to look for their soul mates abroad.

These Ukrainian women are beautiful, fit and attractive; they take great care about themselves. They are the real treasure of this city and of the country of Ukraine. When you will come to Kharkov, you will be spinning your head all the time, when your eyes will follow the new princess coming along in the street.

Kharkov is famous for having its women winning lots of beauty contest around Ukraine and the globe. See the beautiful Ukrainian girl here now.

Start talking with wonderful Ukrainian girls NOW! There is no time in your life to waste!

And it's time to meet a charming Kharkov bride and enjoy together with this city of space love!

21st-May-2015 01:27 pm - “A Short storIes & A Short poem”

The Girl in the Picture: Shelly Fermi J. Santoso. She is an team leader and Senior financial Planner of the Manulife Financial. Manulife Financial at Indonesia market distributor & reseller. She graduated from Universitas Darma Persada of Indonesia and once studying in Japan. She was a native of Indonesia and currently living in Jakarta. She is fluent in english and japanese. She serves as a team leader for financial planners and is an active member of manulife financial, and committed to provide best financial services and solutions, and taking care of entire sales and distribution of product and services in Indonesia, Promotion branding marketing and all ...
Undoubtedly, A short story is a slice of life. She was an kind and pure indonesian girl. She was a rose and short stories, or a short poem and and short elegant and sentimental lyrics. She was a white rose Blooming under the summer’s rain. And a very fragrant aster.

The finds inspiration from the photo — Perhaps the photo is just smoke creating the amazing illusion of a man or perhaps it is a real soul … Her wrote: "Life is simple,so enjoy it. Learning is the key that unlocks success for me and opens the door to the future. For me, nothing is impossible in the whole world, as long as you want to try and persist,you can do every thing. So, I always like to put myself as a social volunteer." -- I love this saying – I add it to my life philosophy list and FAVORITE LIST.
Yep,Life is an onion and one cries while peeling it. This is a part of philosophy of life and is also a part of the meaning of life, is a trends and common cultural norms.. OK! please remember that nothing is impossible!!!

She's like a Star. but before she was an icon. She had been looking for an inspiration. She was the master of her feelings. She proved herself chaste and virtuous. It was obvious. There was no one around. She pushed us out. Faster than a countdown.

I love the silence of the night! In the silence of the night I stood by the garden pool in the darkness. And I heard a voice singing, Wake! Singing of love all night among the shadows under the silence… She is like a persuasive lover and as graceful as a butterfly.

Shes like a bright moon. And it’s full moon tonight. I’m watching the beautiful full moon on the sky on my way home. It hangs in the sky like a pretty night light, helping countless drunks find their car keys in the dark. all right! I love seeing the full moon each month. But what do we know about the moon? I'm curious to know if full moons have an effect on a person? I’m hopin’ for a full moon tonight laid back on the each month.

I hope you have many clear skies. hope you will see the beautiful moon in your important places that I can redeem by the end of the month. Please let me take you back to the night we had laying under the light of the full moon that I would give anything to be there with you.

I like the rain days. And Her words like a rainbow after the rain. if I can stay inside all day doing nothing in my Pjs … Sometimes if it is rainy out, I like to sit or stand, I watch it rain from inside the house and I can stay in bed all day long.

I like clouds. And she's really like a beautiful cloud. It was like a flash of electricity somehow. So, I think everyone should spend more time looking up, and just thinking or that heal a broken heart.

Every girl n every woman is indeed extraordinary. both in their lives and in their accomplishments. but Shelly is indeed an extraordinary and beautiful story that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people … As a lover, I really appreciate her qualities and I am sure that she will reach heights of success ahead. I’m very proud of her and at this particular time more than ever.

Undoubtedly, every girl n every woman is indeed extraordinary. both in their lives and in their accomplishments. but Shelly is indeed an extraordinary and beautiful story that extraordinary things happen to ordinary people ... I love her and I'm very proud of her.

A successful relationship requires fall in love many times, always with the the same person. Never will I lose this heart's desire, Ever will I feed our love's fire, Only when I know you'll be mine; And only when I see the light of love shine Until the end of time.

Dream most deep place, only then the smile is not tired that life exists. It unfolds and the whole of it is in this moment, that I never wanted to be your whole life, Just your favorite part. So, I want to start now so I have time to do everything. I would never use whole life insurance as an investment, because I never like to dwell on the past. I Just want to touch a happy content family. I just want to be. I want a loving, healthy relationship, a happy, healthy family, and that's it.

Dear the light, Someday, I'll take you home (Whoa!). Please let me take you back to the night we had laying under the light of the full moon and I would give anything to be there with you! Of course, emotion is the innate weakness of human. Man will suffer many disappointments in his quest for truth. If the Day I become a speck of dust that time and space in the moment converted into a bright light, and directly connected with heaven. … But no matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world, and I will never forget this feeling of being loved.

Shirley is certainly an unusual girl, Her love and beautiful heart gave me a lot of inspiration and hope. So wonderful! A Beautiful Story--Shelly Fermi J. Santoso! ... It is a "authentic self".

Well, Life indeed is beautiful, Enjoy!!! but we only get out of life what we put into it. Now, I have strongly recommend this story to you. If you really enjoyed these photo notes and are seeking further inspiration, Would you be willing to contact me? Thanks!

29th-Jan-2015 01:40 am - Red Square parade

Russian army howitzers move along Red Square during the Victory Day Parade, which commemorates the 1945 defeat of Nazi Germany in Moscow, Russia. Thousands of Russian troops march on Red Square in the annual Victory Day parade in a proud display of the nation's military might amid escalating tensions over Ukraine.


Victory Day is Russia’s most important secular holiday and a key element of the national identity, reflecting the nation’s enormous suffering and honoring millions of victims of World War II.


Russian military servicemen march during a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


About 11,000 troops proudly marched across Red Square to the tunes of marches and patriotic songs. Some 150 military vehicles and about 70 combat aircraft took part in the show.


Best Russian weaponry on show in Red Square parade.


Moscow -  Thousands of Russian troops are marching on Red Square in the annual Victory Day parade in a proud display of the nation’s military might amid escalating tensions over Ukraine.


Russian strategic ballistic missile Topol-M launching vehicle follows a military vehicle carrying a saluting srvicemen during in a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


Russian tank crew member salutes during in a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.



The Russian marines.


Parade formations march on Red Square during the Victory Parade.


Russian female soldiers  at the red square in moscow during the victory day parade.


Russian military servicemen march during a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


The V-Day parade has always been a prestigious event for the Russian corps – and that includes the choice of defense technologies developed in the country’s design bureaus, of which the finest are brought to the forefront.


Russian military servicemen march during a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.



Russian President Vladimir Putin in the parade.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (3-R) and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (2-R) laugh prior to a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.



Russian Air Force fighter planes release coloured smoke during a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (front 2-R), Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (front R) and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (front 3-R) attend a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (C), Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (R) and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (L) attend a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) attends a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) delivers a speech during a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany in the WWII in the Red Square in Moscow.


The Russian veteran.


Russian soldiers dance in celebration parade.


Soldiers join the mass parade.



The Russian veteran.









These 15 relationship truths may be a bit difficult to accept at times, but in the end, they will help you weed out the wrong relationships, make room for the right ones, and nurture the people who are most important to you.

15-tough-relationship-truths1. Some relationships will be blessings, others will serve as lessons. – Either way, never regret knowing someone.  Everyone you encounter teaches you something important.  Some people will test you, some will use you, and some will teach you; but most importantly some will bring out the best in you.

2. When times get tough, some people will leave you. – When you are up in life, your friends get to know who you are.  When you are down in life, you get to know who your true friends are.  There will be lots of people around when times are easy, but take note of who remains in your life when times get tough, especially the people who sacrifice the resources they have in their life to help you improve yours when you need it most.  These people are your real friends.

3. Life is full of fake people. – Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun.  It’s so easy to believe someone when they TELL you exactly what you want to hear.  But when a person SHOWS you who they really are, believe them the first time.  Some people are only nice for their own convenience – the type of people who only call when they need something or come around when it’s beneficial to them.  Not everyone has your best interests at heart.  But sometimes you have to be tricked and mislead by the wrong lovers and friends once or twice in your life in order to find and appreciate your soul mate and real friends when they arrive.

4. People can easily be insincere with their words.  – When someone truly loves you, they don’t have to say a word.  You will be able to tell simply by the way they treat you over the long-term.  Remember, actions speak much louder than words.  A person can say sorry a thousand times, and say “I love you” as much as they want.  But if they’re not going to prove that the things they say are true, then they’re not worth listening to.  Because if they can’t show it, their words are not sincere.

5. The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. – Don’t settle to just be someone’s downtime, spare time, part time, or sometime.  If they can’t be there for you all of the time, especially when you need them most, then they’re not worth your time.  Read Codependent No More.

6. Harsh words can hurt a person more than physical pain. – Taste your own words before you spit them out.  Words hurt and scar more than you think, so THINK before you speak.  And remember, what you say about others also says a whole lot about YOU.

7. A mistake is an accident.  Cheating and lying are not mistakes. – They are intentional choices.  Stop hiding behind the words “mistake” and “sorry” and stop putting up with those who do.

8. Excessive jealousy doesn’t tell someone how much you love them. – It tells them how much you dislike yourself.  And no amount of love, or promises, or proof from them will ever be enough to make you feel better.  For those broken pieces you carry, are pieces you must mend for yourself.  Happiness is an inside job.

9. When people get nasty with you, it’s usually best to walk away. – When someone treats you like dirt, don’t pay attention and don’t take it personally.  They’re saying nothing about you and a lot about themselves.  And no matter what they do or say, never drop down to their level and sling dirt back.  Just know you’re better than that and walk away.

10. People will treat you the way you let them treat you. – You can’t control them, but you can control what you tolerate.  Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative people.  Doing so does not mean you hate them, it simply means you respect yourself.  Read Boundaries.

11. One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart. – But remember, no relationship is a waste of time.  The wrong ones teach you the lessons that prepare you for the right ones.

12. Resentment hurts you, not them. – Whisper a small prayer of gratitude for the people who have stuck by your side, and send a prayer of good will for those who didn’t.  For should these people hear your prayers, those who have been there will know how much you appreciate them, and those who left will know that you appreciate your own happiness enough to not let resentment destroy your capacity to live with a compassionate heart.

13. Silence and a half smile can hide a lot of pain from the world. – Pay close attention to those you care about.  Sometimes when a friend says, “I’m okay,” they need you to look them in the eyes, hug them tight, and reply, “I know you’re not.”

14. True love comes when manipulation stops. – True love comes when you care more about who the other person really is than about who you think they should become, when you dare to reveal yourself honestly, and when you dare to be open and vulnerable.  It takes two to create a sincere environment where this is possible.  If you haven’t found true love yet, don’t settle.  There is someone out there who will share true love with you, even if it’s not the person you were initially hoping for.  Read The 5 Love Languages.

15. Even the best relationships don’t last forever. – Nobody gets through life without losing someone they love, someone they need, or something they thought was meant to be.  People don’t live forever.  Appreciate what you have, who loves you and who cares for you.  You’ll never know how much they mean to you until the day they are no longer beside you.  And remember, just because something doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.

Citing source

19th-Oct-2014 09:41 pm - The end of the day philosophy

Sometimes, we are striving so hard to keep up with the changes.

Have you noticed? lucky and suffering are like a double-edged sword. like the death and life coexist, the distance between lucky and suffering are often only one step away. these forces act in the whole universe as well as in our body.

Although I am not a psychologist, but my experience tells me that any time not to lose faith in life. If you want to be happy, be mindful and engage in positive actions.  If you want to avoid suffering, be mindful and disengage from unwholesome actions, and don't ever refuse to accept responsibility for their lives, even if you are caught in a deep abyss, and even if you are facing with a huge mental or physical suffering! that we can transform the greatest suffering into freedom!!

It's sounds cliche. but to know there’s a solution for everything, and that life, no matter how dreadful or hopeless, always has a chance of coming to an end--it's so inspiring!!!

October 19, 2014.

4th-Jul-2014 05:56 pm - Letter to my father

Dad! I miss you so much! one year have passed by soon to be. I still cant believe that you’re gone... As time goes by, I know in my heart that I still miss you everyday — it never ends, sometimes even more than the day before.

Dad, I've been away from home for a long time. Because I've been having a tough time at hospital (It's been a long and very long time), I need nature fresh air. I now live in the arctic circle, (Reine, Norway). It has become my home away from home. I think here climate and natural conditions are suitable for me, ... Of course, I came here the most important objective is to seek spiritual comfort. I like everything here, I hope I can continue to live here.

Yes, I know you're a very strong person, both mentally and physically. In your lifetime you have done a lot of efforts, and just for your family.  You've been my superhero, and you are my guide, my companion, me mentor, my supporter, my defender, but always most of all my closest and surest friend. . .  Dad, You're used to be my security foundation, and you have always been there for me. When I think of you, I'm filled with love, Dad,  I'm admiring you today; You're the strength of our home—the king, ... that's the my father--Aliyev Jakov Ernest!!! I feel great honor for oneself is a member of the Aliyev clan  I respect you, I admire you, I love you, Your immortal essence is still my guiding light.

Are you a good provider and you gave me a wonderful childhood and good education,  as well as gave me what I needed, and you are a loving father until the end. You helped me a lot over the years and I can not thank you enough. Thank you for your having done so much for me, and I am very, very thankful for this help. I must admit, I miss you a lot, because you are my father, and a great man, and I'm very proud of you, you’re incredible. 

Oh, Dear Dad! I admire you, you are a very strong and faithful man, that's why I've been seeking for your shadow...!!! I know I can not sad long, but last year's July 12 is the day of your depart, So these days I invariably miss you, couldn’t have spent it any other way. ... I didn’t realize until earlier today that it’s been almost a year already since dad left to be with the Lord ... I'm aware you is in a much better place now,:)

Goodbye Daddy, I'll always be your little boy, and always be your Il'ka. I’ll forever miss you!!!

Your loving son, Ilya

July 3, 2014.


Dear all, thank you for listening to my heart sigh today. I miss my dad a lot. Thank you for your time, and the day turned into joy instead of sadness. I'm thankful. I just want to say to you: The Father is the Foundation of Home; and the Mother is the Light of Home. if you have a father and mother, do take good care of them, and give them a kiss, and enjoy the time with them. will you?

With lots of love and a big warm hug from Ilya to you.

5th-Mar-2014 11:01 am - Signs of Your Past Life

How to Know if You Had a Past Life

Have you live before? Here are 9 clues you might find in your present life

THE IDEA THAT our souls or spirits reincarnate reaches back at least 3,000 years. Discussions of the subject can be found in the ancient traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids. It's a tantalizing belief - that our spirits are not confined to the seven, eight, or nine decades of life on Earth (if we're lucky), but that we have lived before and that we might live again.

What do you believe? Do you believe that you have had a past life or lives, growing up, working, loving, and suffering in roles very different from the one you are now playing out? Perhaps you were a different race, socio-economic class, or gender. Some even believe you could have been another living species entirely - a dog, gazelle, or fish perhaps.

Those who believe in past lives suggest that there might be clues to what our past lives were in the various complex aspects that make up our current physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological personalities. Here are some of them.

Most of us have experienced the eerie feeling of déjà vu - the sudden, surprising feeling that an event we are going through at the moment has happened exactly this way before. Psychologist Arthur Funkhouser has broken down this phenomenon into sub-categories: déjà vécu - an event already experienced or lived through; déjà senti - already felt, perhaps triggered by a voice or music; and déjà visité - a place so familiar we feel we've been there before.

While scientists and psychiatrists insist there are neurological explanations for these phenomena, others wonder if these strange feelings could be vague, fleeting memories of past lives. You enter a house or building, for example, in a town you've never visited before. Yet every detail of that place is familiar. You know what's in the next room and up the stairs. You have the overwhelming feeling that you've been there before. Have you - in a past life?

My daughter has "memories" of childhood events that we know never really happened. Is she just remembering a child's fantasy, misunderstanding, or even a dream that she now interprets as reality? Or is she remembering something that happened to her before she was born into this lifetime?

Human memory is a fraught with error and incongruities, and I'm sure many of us have memories of things that family and friends can attest never occurred. So the question is: Is it faulty memory or a remembrance of lives past?

Recurring dreams and nightmares also have been suggested as being memories or at least clues of past lives. I have experienced this type of recurring dream. There are two locations with specific details that crop up in my dreams several times a year, yet they are places I have never been to.

The first is a large city and I am walking down the street... there is a candy/magazine store on the corner, and I go in any buy something... then I go farther down the street to another building, and in the lower level is a small restaurant where I meet some friends and make the acquaintance of some girls... and later I think that I must go back to that place to see if the girls are there again.

The second is a smaller city - I get the distinct feeling of a "college town" - and I can see the specific view of a specific corner, how it looks, what's there, how the street slopes down, etc.

These are not memories of places or events that have happened in this life, yet they recur in my dreams often. Are they memories of something important that happened in a past life?

Likewise, can nightmares be reflections of past life traumas that have clung to our spirits and haunt our sleep?

22nd-Sep-2013 03:51 pm - What Is Friendship?

When it comes to finding friends, perhaps the first step is understanding what exactly friendship is. Does it mean you have each other in your Facebook list? Or that you see each other every Tuesday at book club? Not really. A relationship needs to have some key elements in order to be labeled as friendship.

A Personal Relationship That Is Reciprocated
It's not enough to see a person at, say, book group each week and enjoy their company. In order for a friend to truly be considered a friend, he or she has to also believe you are their friend also. This can get tricky, because most people have a different idea of what friendship really means. Some people are instantly trusting of new people, and accept them into their heart without question. For these types of folks, they assume someone is their friend until they find out otherwise.

Other people, however, might act "friendly" with someone but not consider them a friend for quite a while. Perhaps these types of people need to get know someone better before they even consider labeling them as a friend. Or perhaps they already have a lot of friends and therefore wouldn't consider someone they see at book club and nowhere else a friend.

This can cause issues, especially when someone counts on a person they believe to be a friend only to find out they were wrong. It's a not perfect world, but in terms of friendship, someone who is genuinely a friend usually:

  • Has told you that you are a friend or has introduced you as their friend.
  • Has called or emailed you about meeting for coffee, lunch, etc.
  • Has done something nice for you.
  • Is sincerely interested when you talk about your life.
  • Roots for you and wants the best for you.
  • Is willing to hang out with you outside of the place you first met (work, book group, exercise class).

Friends Are Kind and Act As a Positive Influence in Your Life
It should go without saying that real friends make you feel good, as opposed to bring you down. People who are genuinely your friend put your relationship above being right or trying to feel superior. If someone constantly puts you down, he or she is not a real friend.

However, people have bad days and act imperfect, so there are times when a true friend will be negative or hurt your feelings. The way to determine if they are really a friend (as opposed to something more negative like a frenemy) is to look at the whole of your relationship. Don't look at moments alone, but consider:

  • How does this person make you feel when you're with them?
  • Do you look forward to seeing them?
  • Can you share your joy freely? Or do you feel you need keep quiet about your own good news when you're around them?

If someone is really your friend, they act in a kind manner. They do nice things for you. (If they kindly ask you to do things for them without ever reciprocating, chances are they aren't really a friend.) Friends don't keep score, but there is a balance to the relationship. Sometimes one friend might be in the "spotlight," while the other is cheering them on. Friends should trade off in giving each other the "floor" in a conversation and in life, and should understand when the moment is their friends and not theirs.

Friends Are People You See on a Regular Basis
The other key component to friendship is a real, face-to-face, relationship. This isn't to say that after you have established a friendship, you can't still be friends with them once they move away. However, in order to have a real friendship in the beginning, you do have to see and spend time with each other.

While online friendships can serve a place in your life, they aren't the same as a real friendship. To that end, the term "friendship" does get applied to many situations today, from loyal customers to people you don't even know and will never meet. But that doesn't mean these people are truly your friends.

If you need to qualify the definition of a friend in your life (my work friend, my Facebook friend), then chances are it isn't a real friendship, but is instead a different type of relationship. Online friendships can be a bonus in your life, but only if you also have face-to-face friends to spend time with and be there for you. In terms of friendship, you cannot replace the human connection.

Source: http://friendship.about.com/

Chinese police are hunting for a suspect who gouged out a six-year-old boy's eyes and left him in a field, police in Linfen city in northern Shanxi Province announced Tuesday (Aug 27). Chinese police initially suspected that this case may involve sale of human organs.

The boy's parents said he was found unconscious at 10pm on Saturday in the field, not far from home, with blood on his face, China People's Daily website reported.

The boy's relatives said police told them they found his eyeballs in the surrounding area.

Local TV news reported that the boy was playing alone in his yard in the countryside at 6pm but couldn't be found an hour later. He appeared to have been drugged and regained consciousness that night en route to the hospital in the provincial capital of Taiyuan, screaming that someone held him and dug his eyes out with a tool.

The suspect spoke with out-of-town accent, the boy said.

The boy underwent an operation but has been in severe pain and crying.

The boy has received an operation but is still in severe pain and crying.

The boy and his mother.

The boy has received an operation but is still in severe pain and crying.

The boy's uncle sits on the ground, using hands to cover his sad face.

The boy has received an operation but is still in severe pain and crying.

Source: China News.

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